I've been using your bas software modules for a few months and wanted to let you know I'm more than happy with the quality of the 3D graphics that really pop and awesome functionality as well.

The the basTemplatemavi saves loads of time and I love the in context editing. Also the 'mass copy' tool is a huge time saver when it comes to copying a master graphic to multiple components. I watched the tutorials on your website and to get started and now have most of the steps memorized. Thanks for putting together a great and impressive set of modules.

BASSG Products utilized:basEnergyDVR basMaker basAhuMaker V1&V2 basPlantMaker V1&V3 basAronMaker basTemplateMavi basDcMaker (basDataCenterMaker)

How did BASSG help you? :BASSG helped by making the whole user interface much easier to navigate around. The huge library that is offered by BASSG makes a big difference, instead of just having a generic picture. BASSG has been extremly helpful while I learned and became more familiar with all that they have to offer.

basMaker Graphics:Amazing Graphics!

basTemplateMavi:After I have made templates for most equipment / devices this was a huge time saver.

basEnergyDVR:The energy DVR, huge selling point. All customers that are now getting BASSG love the DVR function. The ability to replay an equipments history for a day and watch it, helps out greatly for troubleshooting.

The modules are wonderfully balanced and are almost too easy to use. The template design has gone above and beyond our expectations which are superior to anything on the market today. These are the reasons we will stay a step ahead of our competition and allows us to provide quality of graphics that match our service. Everything above is great, but without the service it means nothing and when a company can match quality of product with the same quality of service, that is a company we will continue to do business with. Not a single issue has gone uncheck or unfixed, and with the timely response that most company’s only wish they could provide. They even help with the “operator error” issues we all come across with the same quick response. I would recommend BAS for anyone that needs great GUI design with the most exceptional service that you would ever want. Well expect my competition of course!