basMaker is a Niagara framework plugin that can be used in all Niagara Framework devices.

If it is Niagara Framework device regardless of its brand or manufacturer our modules are compatible.

Pricing changes between N4 and AX. Please see my support above for pricing info.

In AX, all modules are included within the embedded devices. For Websupervisor, if you are utilizing EnergyDVR, there is $105 fee per jace in the Websupervisor.

In N4 regardless model or make EnergyDVR, TemplateMavi & basMaker graphics are all bundled within.

There is a tech engineering license which costs $150.00. If you are not satisfied with any of results, contact us and we will refund your engineering license cost within 90 days.

We hope that you will watch our videos and like our solution.

Have more questions: Contact us at 512 540-3010