Meanwell 12V 1.67A Power Supply

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Meanwell 12V 1.67A Power Supply
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INTERRA TOUCHPANEL is an electronic device used in building automation systems.

Technical Specification

CPU ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core 2 x 1.2 GHz (A20)
Memory Min 1 GB DDR3
Storage Min 8 GB with EMMC (sandisk) disc technology
Video* HD H.264 2160p video decoding
H.264 High Profile [email protected] or [email protected]
Audio* Integrated HI-FI 100dB Audio Codec
2x15Watts speaker amplifier
Analogue Microphone with Noise Cancellation
I2S Digital Microphone connector
2 x 3W Speaker
KNX Certificated by
OS Android 4.2.2 / Linux (Debian / Ubuntu / Fedora /
Linaro )
Working Temperature -20 ºC +70 ºC
USB 2x USB-HOST with USB2.0 spec, 1xUSB-OTG
SATA* 3Gbps SATA connection with SATA POWER
Connectivity 100Mbps Ethernet and USB WIFI
Display HDMI 1.3 up to [email protected]
10.1” IPS LCD with 1280x800 resolution @32bit
7” IPS LCD with 1024x600 resolution @ 32bits
TouchScreen* 10.1” 5point capacitive anti-print finger,
7” 5point capacitive anti-print finger,
Button Interface Only two buttons is enough to operate: Reset And
RTC System includes RTC with CR1220 battery
GPIO 3pcs Relayed Output (5A), 3pcs Input with WAGO
8pcs general purpose IO with VCC and GND
SDCard* Standard SD-TF card connector up to 64Gbyte
Dimensions (7”) 260 x 166 x 36 ( mm) (WxHxD)
Dimensions (10.1”) 345 x 232 x 36 ( mm) (WxHxD)

* marked items are available on the PCBA, but not available in current case.


Power System:
INTERRA TOUCHPANEL is powered by a 12V-2A DC power supply. This power supply has a special green-colored 3pin connector which is a terminal block in industrial grade. Pin indications are written on the plastic case. The middle pin is for EARTH connection and it is obsolete.

The reset button on the top cover is used to “Hard Reset” the device manually. This button has an LED indicator. If the system is powered, these LED lights on.

KNX System:
INTERRA TOUCHPANEL has a two pin green colored KNX connector. This connector has pin indications on the plastic box. INTERRA TOUCHPANEL has a certified KNX circuit.

For different application purposes, INTERRA TOUCHPANEL has an HDMI connector. Its output is configurable via software.

USB Host:
INTERRA TOUCHPANEL has a USB Host connector in the side panel. This connection extends its storage capacity to almost infinity. Also, this connector can be used for WIFI connection via USB dongle.

INTERRA TOUCHPANEL has a standard 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet connector.

2x6 Pin I/O:
INTERRA TOUCHPANEL has 3inputs and 3 output connector. Both inputs and outputs are optocoupled. Outputs are connected to 12V - 5A Panasonic relays.

Units in box: 1
12V 1.67A

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