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A/1.8K Hazardous | ACI | 1.8K ohm | Temperature Sensor for Hazardous Chemical Corrosive Environments

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ACI Hazardous Area Sensors are a cost effective solution for all of your hazardous temperature measurement needs. They are accurate, durable, reliable and can be ordered in room, duct or immersion configurations. This sensor series in available in with various sensor types. Please see corresponding cut sheets for individual sensor specifications. The ordering chart on the next page shows a sampling of sensing elements that are available. (Contact ACI for additional sensor types) They are offered with an Explosion Proof Head, which includes an O-ring, Gasket, Ground Screw, (2) 1/2” NPT female openings, and mounting holes in the base of the housing for ease of installation. The Condulet Enclosure has a UL Listing of 886 and meets the following: CL. I, DIV. 1 & 2, GR. A, B, C, D; CL. II, DIV. 1, GR. E, F, G; CL.II, DIV. 2, GR. F,G; CL. III; NEMA 3,4, 7ABCD, 9EFG. All immersion sensors include a 304 Series stainless steel thermowell. For applications in which 304 S.S does not meet your corrosion requirements, 316 Series machined stainless steel and Monel thermowells are available and must be ordered separately. (Please note: This product should be installed by a trained professional with knowledge of local codes and regulations)

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