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Q-STRAP MINI Ni1000-891
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STx Series Temperature Sensors and Transmitters are especially used for HVAC Systems as supply or extract air temperature sensors. The device can be used as limit, reference, or measuring sensor. The basic advantages are easy mounting, high protection class‐IP67, screwless electrical connector. There are many types of thermistors and RTD’s such as PT100, PT1000, NTC10k, NTC20k, NTC3k, NTC1,8k. Also transmitters have 4‐20mA, 0‐5V, 1‐5V, 0‐10V and 2‐10V outputs.

•  Maintenance free PT and NTC sensing elements
•  0…10 V output with AC 24 V or DC 13.6…34 V power supply
•  4-20 mA, 2-wired output with DC 13.6…34 V power supply
•  Simple and fast mounting
•  Screwless cover and electrical terminals
•  3 Segment display option

Power Supply : AC 24V  (± %5), 50-60 Hz or DC 13.6…34 V
Power Consumption : max. 1.5 W

NTC or PT Types: check the RT tables
current: 4…20 mA, maximum 500 ohm
voltage: 0…10V DC, minimum 1.000 ohm

NTC: 0.5°C around 25°C
PT: 0.3°C around 0°C
0-10 V: 0.3°C between 0°C…50°C
4-20 mA: 0.3°C between 0°C…100°C

General Data
Sensing Element : NTC or PT
Operating Temperature NTC:  -40 …+125°C
Operating Temperature NTC:  -50 …+250°C
Storage Temperature : -30 …+85°C

0-10 V: Set at the factory upon customer’s request
4-20 mA: Set at the factory upon customer’s request

Terminals : Spring clamp terminal
Cable : maximum 2.5 mm2
Cable Gland : M16 or PG9

IP class : IP 54
NEMA class : 3S

EMC Directive : EN 61326-1
CE Conformity : 0616CE.01

Housing : 69.0 x 40.0 x 30.0 mm
Probe Duct: 6 (diameter) x 200 (lenght) mm
Probe Immersion: 6 (diameter) x 100 (lenght) mm
Weight Packed : 87 gr

NTC Termistors
STD11 … NTC 1.8k
STD12 … NTC 2.2k
STD13 … NTC 3k
STD14 … NTC 5k
STD15 … NTC 10k
STD16 … NTC 20k

RTD Elements
STD21 … PT100
STD22 … PT1000
STD23 … Ni1000

mA Output
STD31 … 4-20 mA, 2-wire
STD32 … 4-20 mA, 3-wire

V Output
STD41 … 0-10V
STD42 … 2-10V
STD43 … 0-5V
STD44 … 1-5V

Probe Lenght
STDxx.100 … 100mm probe lenght
STDxx.150 … 150mm probe lenght
STDxx.200 … 200mm probe lenght

Special Requests
other elements and features are on request


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